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The Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition (CAASN) has been Academy of Sports Nutrition Canada China Forum 4 caasnactively involved with many health, sports and nutrition-related events. It was an honor to be invited to be among the Canadian delegation during the 2nd Canada-China Forum on Nutrition and Health Care, which was held in Ryerson university in Toronto on October 08, 2016.

The 2nd Canada-China Forum on Nutrition and Health Care at Ryerson university went well, and we were extremely happy that attendees liked the lecture presented by CAASN regarding "Practical Approach To Weight Management". The forum was a great opportunity to exchange knowledge and academic findings between Canada and China.

After the Forum, Mrs Ping Li, deputy secretary general of China Health Care, personally invited CAASN to China to offer presentations and workshops about sports nutrition and weight management! This meant a lot to us! This meant that health officials and sports-governing bodies had started noticing our visions, missions and new approach to some global health concerns!



CAASN Sports Nutrition Certification:

Our certification program is a unique program and the best complementary Academy of Sports Nutrition Canada China Forum 2 caasnprogram for health care professionals, allowing them to combine the knowledge and skills in sports nutrition to enhance the quality of the services they offer. Accepting students from throughout the world, we have already students from Canada, the USA, Iran, Brazil, Ukraine and China. For more information about our certificate program and curriculum, you may go to http://www.caasn.com/academy/certificate-program.html

Also we are pleased to announce that the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition (CAASN) has reached a partnership deal with the following fitness clubs, wellness and health centres:

1) Ergo Tech Nutrition, North York


2) Arian Health Centre, Thornhill


3) Ultra Fitness, North York


4) Durham Ultimate Fitness, Bowmanville


5) Durham Ultimate Fitness, Oshawa Academy of Sports Nutrition Canada China Forum 3 caasn


6) Quad Fit Club, York Mills


7) Alka`s Total Fitness, Thornhill


8) Junction Health, Toronto


 Published on October 15, 2016