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Why Sports Nutrition?


WHY 2Sports nutrition is the science and skill of applying nutrition and diet to sports to achieve an optimal athletic performance.WHY 12 It deals with nutritional needs of a physically active person, manipulating the energy systems in the body in favor of a peak performance, nutritional approach to accelerate exercise recovery and speed up the healing process of sports injuries, and application of nutraceuticals in sports.

Sports nutrition goes far beyond foods and nutrition, as it incorporates the six sciences of medicine, nutrition, exercise, physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology. Undoubtedly, sports nutrition is the missing link in an athletic success. It is one of the fundamentals of the athletic performance triangle.

The athletic performance triangle includes “proper training”, “proper eating”, and “proper sleeping”. An optimal athletic performance relies on those three elements, and the lack of any of them would hamper athletic excellence and performance.

Sports nutrition integrates research findings with practicality to generate a tool to enhance human performance. It looks for trends and breakthroughs in research to apply their essences to help athletes reach their peak performance.

Sports nutrition is the bridge between “substance abuse in sports” and “clean sports” by guiding athletes to the latest understanding of nutrition, nutraceuticals, energy systems, and exercise physiology and biochemistry and their relationship to athletic performance.

Why Sports Nutrition Certificate from Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition?

The increasing numbers of population, sports centers, fitness clubs, and athletic events have made sports nutrition be a high demand job worldwide.

Combining the six sciences of medicine, nutrition, exercise, physiology, biochemistry, and pharmacology, Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition is the world`s leading academy in sports nutrition that maintain a “competitive edge” in the industry by hiring world class professors and instructors who have tremendous experience in leading athletes during the Olympic Games and World Championships. To see credentials and qualifications of the faculty members of the academy, click here.

Canadian Academy Sports Nutrition brings to you the “highly kept secrets” from the world of sports medicine and the “never before released” guidance from professional sports. To see the curriculum, click here.

Avoiding esoteric topics, we, at the Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition, have simplified the complex subjects to make them understandable and applicable to real life. The certificate program includes unique lectures exclusively offered by Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition. Our curriculum speaks for itself!


Become a Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor in 3 months ONLY!