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Sports Nutrition Certificate (Online Course):

Course description:

This program is the most comprehensive "Sports Nutrition" program available. It hasSports Nutrition Advanced 1  Canadian Academy of Sports been designed to provide students the knowledge and skills to manage obesity when general nutrition fails and convey the latest nutritional information and recommendations with respect to guiding professional athletes in different sports and helping them excel.

The program teaches students how to apply nutritional knowledge to their clients’ lifestyle to improve their health. It also teaches about nutraceuticals and their applications in sports. Furthermore, students gain the knowledge of applying dietary changes and supplementation in common medical conditions to improve the effectiveness of conventional treatments

The program consists of 92 selected lectures with totally 120 hours. See the curriculum below.

Prerequisites: individuals with academic backgrounds in nutrition, medicine, health and fitness are qualified for the CAASN Sports Nutrition program.

Tuition fee: $1800.00

Sign Up Procedures:

a) Check the eligibility requirements (prerequisites) to see whether you are eligible. 

b) Register online. Upon online registration, you will receive an email from the CAASN. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your Spam or Bulk mail Folder. Register

c) Pay the tuition fee. Your account will not be activated until the academy receives the payment. Upon payment confirmation from PayPal which may take few hours, your account will be activated and you will be notified of account activation, allowing you to have access to video lectures. Attention: the payment is nonrefundable when your account is activated.

d) Fill out the application form and send it via mail or email. The academy must receive the application form within two weeks of account activation. It is student`s responsibility to submit the form via mail or email. If the academy did not receive the application form by the end of the second week after activating account, the student`s account would be suspended until the academy receives the application form.

e) Enjoy listening to the lectures.


Curriculum for CAASN Sports Nutrition:

Lecture 1


Lecture 51

Post - exercise exhaustion and post -exercise proteinuria


Lecture 2


Lecture 52

Mountain sickness


Lecture 3


Lecture 53

Drugs- foods interactions


Lecture 4


Lecture 54

Vitamins, part 1


Lecture 5

Inflammation and Diet

Lecture 55

Vitamins, part 2


Lecture 6

Energy systems, part 1  

Lecture 56

Vitamins, part 3


Lecture 7

Energy systems, part 2  

Lecture 57

Vitamins, part 4


Lecture 8

Nutrition before exercise

Lecture 58

Minerals, part 1


Lecture 9

Nutrition during exercise

Lecture 59

Minerals, part 2


Lecture 10

Nutrition after exercise

Lecture 60

Minerals, part 3


Lecture 11

Overtraining syndrome

Lecture 61

Phytonutrients, part 1


Lecture 12

Pre - competition anxiety  

Lecture 62

Phytonutrients, part 2


Lecture 13

Detoxification and cleansing

Lecture 63

Phytonutrients, part 3


Lecture 14

Protein powders, part 1

Lecture 64

Carbohydrate loading for competition


Lecture 15

Protein powders, part 2

Lecture 65

Body metabolism


Lecture 16

Obesity and overweight  

Lecture 66

Nutrition of the joints


Lecture 17

Athlete`s diarrhea

Lecture 67

Aging and anti-aging solutions


Lecture 18

Athletic disorders: jet lag and athlete`s foot

Lecture 68

Sports nutrition in sports injuries


Lecture 19

Pharmacologic and surgical approach to obesity

Lecture 69

Water and food pyramid  


Lecture 20

Eating disorders

Lecture 70

Ergogenic adaptogens, part 1


Lecture 21

Growth hormone abuse in sports

Lecture 71

Ergogenic adaptogens, part 2


Lecture 22

How to naturally increase growth hormone, part 1

Lecture 72

Ergogenic adaptogens, part 3


Lecture 23

How to naturally increase growth hormone, part 2

Lecture 73

Approach to athletes with neuromuscular disorders (MS, ALS and muscular dystrophy)


Lecture 24

Weight management

Lecture 74

Nutritional approach to vegetarian athletes


Lecture 25

Plateau in weight loss, part 1

Lecture 75

Endurance athletes diet


Lecture 26

Plateau in weight loss, part 2

Lecture 76

Strength athletes diet  


Lecture 27

Testosterone and its abuse in sports

Lecture 77

Nutritional approach to common neurological disorders (Alzheimer's disease, migraine, and tension headache)


Lecture 28

How to naturally increase testosterone, part 1

Lecture 78

Nutritional approach to common cardiopulmonary disorders (atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and asthma)


Lecture 29

How to naturally increase testosterone, part 2

Lecture 79

Nutritional approach to common dermatological disorders (acne, excessive sweating and hair loss)


Lecture 30

How to naturally increase testosterone, part 3

Lecture 80

Nutritional approach to common urological disorders (kidney stones and benign prostatic hyperplasia)


Lecture 31

Adrenal fatigue

Lecture 81

Nutritional approach to common gynecologic disorders (candidiasis, PMS and PCOS)


Lecture 32

Osteoporosis and diet

Lecture 82

Nutritional approach to common endocrine disorders (diabetes, high LDL cholesterol and triglyceride, and low function thyroid)


Lecture 33

Doping in sports, part 1

Lecture 83

Nutritional approach to common gastrointestinal disorders (acid reflux, gluten sensitivity and IBS)


Lecture 34

Doping in sports, part 2

Lecture 84

Meal planning, analyzing food journals and nutrients requirements


Lecture 35

Antioxidants, part 1

Lecture 85

Exercise and endocrine system, part 1


Lecture 36

Antioxidants, part 2

Lecture 86

Exercise and endocrine system, part 2


Lecture 37

Antioxidants, part 3

Lecture 87

Exercise and dietary changes in common cancers,

part 1


Lecture 38

Dynamics of fats during exercise

Lecture 88

Exercise and dietary changes in common cancers,

part 2


Lecture 39

Weight loss aids, part 1

Lecture 89

Cardiopulmonary response to exercise


Lecture 40

Weight loss aids, part 2

Lecture 90

Skeletal muscle structure and function


Lecture 41

Weight loss aids, part 3

Lecture 91

Omega fatty acids


Lecture 42

Body composition

Lecture 92

Probiotics and prebiotics


Lecture 43

Childhood obesity


Lecture 44

Sports supplementation, part 1


Lecture 45

Sports supplementation, part 2


Lecture 46

Sports supplementation, part 3


Lecture 47

Glycemic index and glycemic load


Lecture 48

Clinical nutritional counselling


Lecture 49

Nutrition in female athletes


Lecture 50

Post - exercise muscle breakdown