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Medicinal Nutrition Certificate (Online Course):

Course description:

This unique certificate program has been designed for health care Medicinal Nutrition 1  Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition.www.caasn.comprofessionals (medical doctors, naturopathic doctors, osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, nurses and alternative medicine specialists), dieticians and nutritionists dealing with diseased clients. Medicinal nutrition is a component of “complementary medicine” that combines the science of nutrition with conventional medicine to accelerate the healing process of current medical conditions and provide better protection against chronic diseases.

Through this program, students learn comprehensively about phytonutrients, dietary changes and food supplementation in common medical conditions to promote healing and support the body.

The program consists of 18 selected lectures with totally 72 hours. See the curriculum below.

Prerequisites: health care professionals, individuals with certificate of CAASN Sports Nutrition Level 2, dieticians, and nutritionists with bachelor degrees are qualified for the program.

Tuition fee: $680.00

Sign Up Procedures:

a) Check the eligibility requirements (prerequisites) to see whether you are eligible.

b) Register online. Upon online registration, you will receive an email from the CAASN. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your Spam or Bulk mail Folder. Register

c) Pay the tuition fee. Your account will not be activated until the academy receives the payment. Upon payment confirmation from PayPal which may take few hours, your account will be activated and you will be notified of account activation, allowing you to have access to video lectures. Attention: the payment is nonrefundable when your account is activated.

d) Fill out the application form and send it via mail or email. The academy must receive the application form within two weeks of account activation. It is student`s responsibility to submit the form via mail or email. If the academy did not receive the application form by the end of the second week after activating account, the student`s account would be suspended until the academy receives the application form.

e) Enjoy listening to the lectures.

Curriculum for CAASN Medicinal Nutrition








Pharmacologic and surgical approach to   obesity


Nutritional approach to common neurological   disorders (Alzheimer's disease, migraine, and tension headache)


Adrenal fatigue


Nutritional approach to common   cardiopulmonary disorders (atherosclerosis, high blood pressure and asthma)


Osteoporosis and diet


Nutritional approach to common dermatological disorders (acne, excessive sweating and hair loss)


Drugs - foods interactions


Nutritional approach to common urological disorders (kidney stones and benign prostatic hyperplasia)


Phytonutrients, part 1


Nutritional approach to common gynecologic   disorders (candidiasis, PMS and PCOS)


Phytonutrients, part 2


Nutritional approach to common endocrine   disorders (diabetes, high LDL cholesterol and triglyceride, and low function thyroid)


Phytonutrients, part 3


Nutritional approach to common gastrointestinal disorders (acid reflux, gluten sensitivity and IBS)


Nutrition of the joints


Exercise and dietary changes in common cancers, part 1


Nutritional approach to people with neuromuscular disorders (MS, ALS and muscular dystrophy)


Exercise and dietary changes in common cancers, part 2