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Course Description:

Comprising an innovative and contemporary curriculum, this certificate Integrative Therapeutic Nutrition Certificate Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition program has been designed to convey the knowledge of nutrients and their healing power to healthcare professionals and to demonstrate to them how they can integrate them into their clinical practices.

This program with its captivating subjects empowers practitioners to incorporate a natural and holistic approach into their allopathic practices for better results.

The program consists of 20 selected lectures with a total of 65 hours to complete. See the curriculum below.

Time Limit: the time limit to complete this program is 4 months from account activation. What happens if a student fails to complete his/her program within the assigned time limit? Please refer to sections II and III of the CAASN Terms and Conditions.

Prerequisites: osteopaths, massage therapists, physiotherapists, medical doctors, chiropractors, dieticians, nurses, nutritionists, and individuals with CAASN Sports Nutrition and Medicinal Nutrition Certificates are qualified for the program.

Tuition fee: $730.00

Sign-Up Procedures:

1) Check Your Eligibility:

Check the prerequisites to see whether you are eligible for the program.

2) Submit the Application Form:

Fill out the application form and send it along with supporting documents via email. The academy will review your application form and notify you within 48 hours whether you have been approved for the program. If you do not see any emails from the academy in your inbox after 48 hours, please check your Spam or Bulk mail Folder. Click below to download the Application Form

3) Account Activation:

Upon approval, your account will be created on the CAASN Student Portal and you will be notified of account activation. You can log in to your account on the CAASN Student Portal. However, you will not have access to video lectures until the academy receives the tuition fee.

4) Paying Tuition Fee:

You must pay the tuition fee through PayPal. The academy must receive the payment within 10 days of the account activation. If the academy does not receive the payment within 10 days of the account activation, your application form will be discarded and your account will be deleted from the system.

5) Assigning Your Program:

Upon payment confirmation from PayPal which may take a few hours, your program will be assigned to your account, allowing you to have access to video lectures. Attention: the payment is non-refundable when your program is assigned.


No Admission For This Program At The Moment!

Curriculum for CAASN Integrative Therapeutic Nutrition Course






 A Cellular approach to health


 Osteoporosis diet


 Cancer prevention


 Alkalinity and healing


 Silent inflammation


 Toxic minerals and heavy metals


 Nutrition of the joints and bones


 Anti-Inflammatory supplements


 DJD diet


 The roles of micronutrients in healing


 RA Diet


 Immunity, inflammation and nutrition


 Nutrition for wound healing and tissue repair


 Palliative nutrition


 CTS diet



 Nutrition of the tendons and ligaments



 Leaky gut syndrome