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Disadvantages of Eating Raw Egg Whites:

It is very common in the world of fitness to eat many egg whites. Especially bodybuilders Raw Egg white Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition 1 caasneat many egg whites and sometimes they eat it raw. We have witnessed the athletes who used to have about 40 egg whites a day!

The question we get a lot is: if one egg white contains about 3-4 grams of protein, why do some athletes eat many of them? The answer is very simple: it is because of its biologic value which is 100. In fact, the biologic value of an egg is 100 and other proteins are compared with that of an egg. The higher the biologic value, the better the quality.

Disadvantages of eating raw egg whites:

1) The biggest drawback of eating raw egg white (raw egg) is that it might be contaminated with few bacteria with Salmonella being the most common one.

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What Is A Crash Diet?

Some people like to have a "beach body". Some people want chiselled Crash diet Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition 1 caasnabs. And some want their love handles to be melted away. Interestingly, most of them expect a quick fix towards their goals.

A genuine fat loss requires intellectually customized diets and carefully designed exercise plans. The growing rate of obesity around the world has made it a global challenge. This imposes a huge cost on health care systems through the consequences it gives birth to.

Weight loss seekers should keep in mind that there is no silver bullet to their problems. A sustainable weight loss requires setting realistic goals, scientific dietary changes, behavioral modifications and biochemical manipulations of the body.

The fact that the human body is very intricate and beautiful in its complex delicacy makes weight loss difficult and challenging to many. An increase in the number of so-called "fitness gurus"―who lack the basic knowledge of physiology and biochemistry―the bombardment of junk science through social media, nutritional quackery, and the profiteering of supplement industries are the major factors driving the promotions of unhealthy weight loss―also known as a crash diet.

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IgG4-Related Disease (IgG4-RD):

Immunoglobulin G4 (IgG4)-related disease is a chronic inflammatory Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition IgG4 Related Disease 1 caasncondition recognized as a systemic disease recently. It is characterized by dense infiltrates of lymphocytes and IgG4-secreting plasma cells in different tissues in the body. IgG4-RD is associated with an increased level of IgG4 in the blood in about 60-70% of cases especially during the acute phase.

The exact mechanism by which the IgG4-RD occurs is poorly understood. However, it has been postulated to be an autoimmune in nature. This condition could affect any organs in the body. The many faces of IgG4-RD requires that all health care professionals to get to know this newly proposed clinical-pathologic entity.

IgG4-RD has a relapsing-remitting nature associated with a tendency to form a destructive mass in the affected organs. In fact, the initial inflammatory infiltrates will be replaced by fibrotic lesions followed by forming pseudo-tumors in the affected organs, often leading to biopsy or excision for fear of true malignancy.

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What Are Functional Foods and Novel Foods?

Functional Foods:

Functional food is a food that has been modified to offer an additional Canadian Academy of Sports Nutrition functional foods 1 caasnfunction by adding a new ingredient or more of existing ingredients. Functional food is created with the hope ofimproving the health benefits the nature has already provided. They are usually enriched with some "bioactive compounds". Functional foods are usually confused with nutraceauticals and novel foods.

Example of functional foods are:

- Eggs with Omega-3 fatty acids.

- Calcium-enriched orange juice.

- Potatoes enriched with anthocyanin.

- Tomatoes enriched with lycopene.

- Cereals fortified with vitamin B12.

Even though the claimed benefits of functional foods have already rendered them quite appealing, whether they can truly affect human health positively or negatively has made them be highly controversial and debateable.

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